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Tune in for a revealing in-studio conversation with Joan Blades, co-founder of and, and author of The Motherhood Manifesto; and Helen Grieco, Executive Director of California NOW. And joining us by phone, Joan Williams, Professor of Law at U.C. Hastings.

In this program you'll hear about the challenges women face in balancing the responsibilities of work and motherhood.

You'll learn first-hand:

We'll be taking the lid off of the silence that prevails this important and timely topic.

Featured Guests
Joan Blades is the President and Co-Founder of, Co-founder of, and is the co-author of The Motherhood Manifesto. Joan is a software entrepreneur, nature lover, artist, former attorney/mediator, author of Mediate Your Divorce, and mother of two. As a member of the steering committee of Reuniting America: A Transpartisan Campaign of Political Reconciliation, she is a true believer in the power of the grassroots activism.
Helen Grieco is the Executive Director of the California National Organization for Women. Grieco has been involved in leadership within NOW for over twenty years and is an expert on safety, health, and equal opportunities for women. She hosted Her Side radio show and produced documentaries and training videos on feminism. She also co-founded Defending Ourselves Self Defense School and is the mother of a three-year-old daughter.
Joining Us by Phone
Joan Williams is a Distinguished Professor of Law at U.C. Hastings. She is an expert on work/family issues, is the author of Unbending Gender: Why Family and Work Conflict and What To Do About It, and is the Founding Director of The Center WorkLife Law (WLL). Williams has played a leading role in documenting workplace bias against mothers. Her current work focuses on social psychology and on how work/family conflict affects families across the social spectrum.

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Reports & Articles

One Sick Child Away From Being Fired: When "Opting Out" Isn't an Option: A new study that shows how the working class suffers severe punishments when choosing family over work. Read the press release, the complete report, or an overview of the report. (Joan Williams)

Getting Back on Track - Newsweek, Sept. 25, 2006: Women who take career 'off ramps' to raise children often have trouble finding 'on ramps' when they are ready to work again. Now companies in need of talent are finally addressing the problem. Read the online article. (Daniel McGinn)


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