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Winning the White House in ’08 – – is an exciting San Francisco Bay Area Democratic Party forum for opinion, community, and fundraising activists. Their vision is to catalyze the continued growth and development of Bay Area Democrats – allowing a wide range of people to meet and evaluate the Democratic Presidential candidates. You’ll hear how Al Gore’s new book: “Assault on Reason” is a beacon for reclaiming American democracy. Related links: SF Chronicle: WWH08 - Time Magazine: "The Last Temptation of Gore" - Huffington Post: A Call to Action and Gore on Fire. This stimulating program includes:

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Featured Guests
jeff anderson gore democracy assault on reason Jeff Anderson is the founder and principal of Shiny Penny Ventures, a strategy and corporate development consulting firm that helps in launching socially responsible organizations and businesses. He was involved with the John Kerry for President 2004 Campaign, during which he led significant local and national fundraising efforts. In addition, he is Finance Chair on the Board of Directors of the Alice B. Toklas Democratic Club.
keyes democrat al gore assault on reason Judy Keyes is a partner at the San Francisco firm of Davis Wright Tremaine and is also an activist and fundraiser for Democratic candidates. Her political involvement dates back to 1968 in Chicago, outside the Democratic Convention, protesting against Vietnam. Judy’s husband was a Swift Boat Officer who served with John Kerry. She became a leader in the antiwar movement and was a 2004 delegate to the Democratic Convention.
soukup wwh08 democrats politics gore book Jeff Soukup is a business executive, political activist, and fundraiser, with experience in strategic planning, business management, finance and law. Recently, he was president and COO for PlanetOut, Inc., and worked as legislative counsel to Senator Bill Bradley. He also served as a National Finance Co-Chair of the John Kerry for President campaign. Jeff is on the board of directors of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).
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