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Awaken Your Soul Purpose
shimDecember 15th at 5PM
shimshimBrenda Wade – Jonathan Young

Dr. Jonathan Young and Dr. Brenda Wade

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More and more – conversations, books, and films are exploring the subject of the soul. We know that personal experiences of soul are not the same, but on this program you hear about the kind of moments that call to everyone. What are the challenges of living with soul purpose? Are there ways to know whether you’re on your soul path? During this rich conversation we talk about:

  • what ignites your soul
  • various ways your soul journey can become blocked
  • the many kinds of stories that can awaken your soul purpose
  • why Jonathan uses myth, books, and movies to reveal soul recognition
  • how Brenda’s book “Power Choices” can guide explorations of the soul
  • the importance of sages and mentors in finding your soul path
Featured Guests
Dr. Brenda Wade Dr. Brenda Wade is a San Francisco-based psychologist, author, television host, and producer. National Television audiences know Brenda from her regular appearances on The Today Show and her syndicated program, Can this Marriage be Saved. Locally, she hosts the Bay Area community affairs television series, Black Renaissance. Her newest book is Power Choices: Signposts on Your Journey to Wholeness, Love, Joy and Peace.
Dr. Jonathan Young Dr. Jonathan Young is a psychologist and founder of The Center for Story and Symbol in Santa Barbara. He and his partner Ann Bach offer continuing education seminars on the psychology of fairy tales, mythic stories, creativity and more. He was the Founding Curator of the Joseph Campbell Archives and Library and worked for several years assisting Campbell. Jonathan created and chaired the Mythological Studies Department at the Pacifica Graduate Institute.
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Awakening the Heroes Within: Twelve Archetypes to Help Us Find Ourselves and Transform Our World - Carol S. Pearson

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Chicken Soup for the Soul - Jack Canfield

Chop Wood, Carry Water - Rick Fields

Coming Home to Myself: Daily Reflections for a Woman's Body and Soul - Marion Woodman

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Graceful Passages: A Companion to Living and Dying - Michael Stillwater and Gary Malkin

Handbook for the Soul - Richard Carlson

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The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America - David Whyte

How to Practice the Way to a Meaningful Life
- Dalai Lama

The Inner Journey Home - A.H. Almaas

Inner Work: Using Dreams and Creative Imagination for Personal Growth and Integration - Robert A. Johnson

An Open Life: Joseph Campbell in Conversation with Michael Toms - Michael Toms

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A Path with Heart: A Guide Through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life - Jack Kornfield

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Reflections on Living: A Joseph Campbell Companion - Diane K. Osbon

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The Stories We Are - William Lowell Randall

Swamplands of the Soul: New Life in Dismal Places - James Hollis

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