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The Wonders of Tea
shimDecember 22nd at 5PM
shimshimAnna Wasserman – Trinity Ava

Anna, Joan, and Trinity

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For thousands of years, tea has been an important part of our human culture. It is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. Tea experts Trinity Ava and Anna Wasserman expand our relationship to the wonders of tea. You'll hear about:

  • how drinking tea and herbal beverages offers a broad range of health benefits
  • the exquisite rituals and ceremonies surrounding tea
  • why quality and grade are important in making tea choices
  • the source of white tea and why it’s being proclaimed as the new “green”
  • what Numi and Traditional Medicinals are doing to support sustainability
Featured Guests
Trinity Ava Trinity Ava was formerly an herbal education specialist for Traditional Medicinals, a socially and environmentally conscious tea company in Sebastopol, CA. She designs and teaches innovative educational programs and has led seminars on herbal medicine throughout the United States. Trinity has worked with farmers worldwide to support organic, fair-trade and sustainable farming methods. She has also taught aromatic botanical medicine at the California School of Herbal Studies. Trinity is currently with Organix-South – herbal body care products and supplements.
Anna Wasserman Anna Wasserman is the Public Relations Manager for Numi Organic tea, an organic & fair trade tea company based in Oakland, CA. She is a certified nutritionist who promotes naturopathic philosophy, natural medicines, and environmental sustainability. Anna spent six years in Australia studying natural medicine, and is a graduate of New College of California’s Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable community program. Anna believes in educating people on the benefits of a healthy life through food, lifestyle, herbalism, and clinical nutrition.
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