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Election Fever & Progressive Values in 2008
shimMarch 15th, 2008 at 5PM
shimKatherine Forrest – Barry Kendall

Robert Watkins, Dorothy Slattery, Joan Kenley

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The Democrats are fired up about this history-making presidential election like never before. The media and pundits are having a feast about what they choose to report and how they frame the message. The direction of our country is at a critical crossroads, with the choice of Commander in Chief more crucial than ever. You’ll hear about:

  • how the Commonweal Institute supports the modern progressive movement
  • the use of “liberal” and “progressive” changing over the years
  • ways the campaigns are evolving and what the influences are
  • recognizing that the “center” of politics shifts slowly and in cycles
  • the Democracy Alliance and Rob Stein’s important contributions
  • Commonweal’s ideas and programs to help you get involved
  • the Progressive Roundtable – its role in building a progressive infrastructure
Featured Guests
Dr. Katherine Forrest Dr. Katherine Forrest is the president and co-founder of the Commonweal Institute, an action-oriented, advocacy, progressive think tank based in the San Francisco Bay area. She specializes in idea-marketing and political strategy, and is the creator of the Institute’s popular seminar, Talking Politics with People Unlike Ourselves. Dr. Forrest has medical and public health degrees from Harvard University.
Dr. Dorothy Slattery Barry Kendall, the Executive Director of the Commonweal Institute, is an expert in the use of drama and narrative to bring people to a new understanding of themselves and the world. Through Commonweal, he applies these skills to build support for the kinds of values and ideas that will create a better society. Mr. Kendall has a Masters degree in religion from Yale, and a Ph.D. in drama from Stanford.
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