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Expert Choices For Looking Better
Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology
shimMarch 29th at 5PM
shimChristine Brozowski, MD – Loren Eskenazi, MD

Christine Brozowski, Joan Kenley, and Loren Eskenazi

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Cosmetic/reconstructive surgery and dermatology treatments are becoming more common in today’s culture. Our well-known guests share many of the options available, in addition to what motivates people to have various procedures — from professors with frown lines to those who want their outer appearance to reflect their inner vitality and identity. You’ll hear about:

  • the psychological and spiritual aspects of plastic surgery
  • how facial fillers can be combined and customized
  • why life transitions or illness may lead to cosmetic and reconstructive choices
  • some unexpected benefits of botox and the latest in aesthetic lasers
  • what makes sunscreens and skincare products effective
  • recommended procedures versus harmful trends
Featured Guests
Dr. Loren Eskenazi Dr. Loren Eskenazi is the founder of Women’s Plastic Surgery in San Francisco – the only plastic surgery practice in the United States headed by three women. She has appeared on CNN, Dr. Dean Edell, and the Discovery Channel, to name a few – and has been voted “Top Woman Doctor” in her field for many years. Dr. Eskenazi is a formally trained artist and singer as well as a surgeon. Her most recent book, “More than Skin Deep”, offers a unique psycho/spiritual approach to physical transformation through surgery. and
Dr. Christine Brozowski Dr. Christine Brozowski has been a Cosmetic Physician in the Bay Area for ten years. Formerly, she was a Medical Director for the City of Berkeley Public Health Clinic. Although her expertise is in dermatology and women’s health, she provides full-spectrum care for her patients and has appeared on local talk radio and television programs as a medical expert. Dr. Brozowski emphasizes a natural approach to beauty and aging and uses state-of-the-art techniques to give the best aesthetic results possible. In her spare time she is an artist and painter.
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Recommended Resources

More Than Skin Deep—Exploring the Real Reasons Why Women Go Under the Knife by Loren Eskenazi, MD, FACS and Peg Streep

Reconstructing Aphrodite by Loren Eskenazi M.D. & Terry Lorant

American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery

American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Recommended Sunscreens: M.D. Forté Environmental Protection, EltaMD UV Shield, Anthelios Aqua-Lait

Facial Fillers: Radiesse, Restylane, Hylaform, Juvederm, Perlane

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