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Healthy Choices For Your Horses, Bunnies, Cats & Dogs
shimJune 14th
shimshimDr. Jenny Taylor – Emily Rosenberg – Rebecca Thomas

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Our conversation will cover standard care, as well as alternative treatments such as chiropractic, acupuncture, and homeopathy — all to benefit your pet’s well being. From allergies to serious illnesses, we’ll be talking about the best care for your animals. You’ll hear about:

  • choices to keep your pets even healthier and happier
  • the importance of expert advice to manage your pet’s needs
  • why dog parks are so important for you and your dog
  • what massage can offer for both healing and performance
  • the reasons dental care is so critical for your dog, cat, or horse
Featured Guests
Jenny Taylor, DVM has a broad background, as well as advanced training, in her career as a veterinarian. She founded Creature Comfort Holistic Veterinary Center in Oakland, California — the first complementary veterinary clinic in the Bay Area. Dr. Taylor and her staff offer Chinese and Western herbal therapies, acupuncture, homeopathy, and chiropractic — in addition to traditional Western veterinary medicine.
Emily Rosenberg is a long time social activist and animal advocate. Her special interest is helping people benefit from the companionship of animals. She helped launch San Francisco’s “Pets Are Wonderful Support” — also known as PAWS — the first organization helping AIDS patients keep their pets throughout their illness. Emily also works locally to create dog parks and to actively support Smiley Dog Rescue in Oakland.
Rebecca Thomas, EBW is a certified equine body worker in the Bay Area. Her practice includes backyard pets, trail horses, endurance racers, and high-end show horses. Working with vets and individual owners, she handles injury recovery, physical therapy, arthritis, and general maintenance for horses, dogs, cats, and birds. Her massage is an adjunct to veterinary care for healing and optimal performance.
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