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Practical Intuition For Today
shimOctober 18th
shimshimSharon Franquemont – Megan Doherty

Joan, Sharon, and Megan

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Intuition – from A to Z – is an important capacity to use in everyday life and especially in hard times. Hear about Sharon’s 30 years of expertise in the field, and how she and her daughter Megan use intuition in their own lives. You’ll hear:

  • whether intuition is something you can learn or a talent you have at birth
  • how intuition can affect your relationships, work life, and self-knowing
  • Sharon's four simple steps for developing your intuitive capabilities
  • the way Megan uses body/mind clues to make important life choices
  • how intuition is defined in other countries and societies
  • why developing intuition is essential to our evolution and global harmony
Featured Guests
Sharon Franquemont Sharon Franquemont is the Education Director for the Life Science Foundation and is an international speaker, trainer, and coach on intuition and innovation. She is the author of three books, including You Already Know What To Do, and is working on an online learning module for the University of Minnesota's Center for Spirituality and Healing, called Intuition’s Role in Your Health and Wellbeing. Sharon is also a co-founder of the annual interfaith Prayer Vigil for the Earth in Washington, DC.
Megan Doherty Megan Doherty Sharon's daughter, recently changed careers from her role as a highly successful retail manager to a specialist in Corporate Community Outreach. In 2000, she worked as a Representative for Youth at the Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources - an NGO at the United Nations. Megan also serves as a key role for the annual Prayer Vigil for the Earth. Intuition has been a constant influence in her life. She says, "A balance of intuition, heart, and intellect guide most of the major decisions I make in my life."
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