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Greening Your Money
shimshimPeter Liu – Bari Tessler

Bari, Joan, and Peter

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Green banking blends with money and emotions in this informative program. We offer conversation about the leading-edge advantages of a “green bank” and about the power of focusing on healthy personal attitudes about money matters. Embracing financial health and social awareness is dynamically explored with two well-known innovators. You’ll hear about:

  • what’s involved in creating a “green” bank
  • why money is a such a loaded subject within families and relationships
  • how culture and family attitudes affect children and their lifelong ideas about money
  • why investing “green” is profitable and a vote for the future
  • the surprising advantages of shifting financial attitudes with trained consultants
  • how green bankers can offer helpful guidelines for “going green”
Featured Guests
Peter Liu
Peter Liu  is the founder and vice chairman of San Francisco’s New Resource Bank – a commercial bank whose primary mission is to serve the needs of green entrepreneurs and sustainable business. Peter was featured as a “Global Warming Big Thinker” in the April 9th, 2007 issue of Time Magazine. He has worked in the banking and energy industries for nearly two decades – as a top executive for Credit Suisse First Boston and Chase Manhattan Bank, and as a private investor and strategic advisor to several clean energy technology companies.
Bari Tessler is the founder of Conscious Bookkeeping – a team of financial therapists, coaches, and bookkeepers who serve those who want to transform their relationship with money. The company focuses on the practical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of handling finances. Bari has a Masters in Somatic Psychology from Naropa University and works as a teacher, therapist, and speaker. She is also a featured author in the recently published anthology, Einstein's Business.
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by Hazel Henderson

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