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Exploring Avatar – The Meaning & The Message
shimJaison Starkes

Jaison Starkes and Joan Kenley

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We’ll talk in depth about the futuristic film Avatar. It takes place in the year 2154 on the moon called Pandora. The story has so many implications for our world right now. Beyond the issues of right and wrong, good and evil, and choices of all kinds – there are also aspects about what the deep connection to nature, plants, animals, and one another can mean for mankind. This visually impressive masterpiece is written and directed by James Cameron – a true visionary genius. You’ll hear

  • that without inner, personal change that includes love for one another – along with compassion and kindness – the outer world cannot survive
  • about Steve Robertson’s insights, founder of
  • the profound meaning of the three words that are at the heart of the film: “I See You
  • how Jake, the injured Earth soldier, has his heart and soul transformed because of his loving relationship with the Navi heroine Neytiri
  • why it’s a good idea to join the Avatar Home Tree Initiative to plant one million trees – go to to register
Featured Guest
Jaison Starkes lectures, presents seminars on spiritual growth and personal development, and serves as an Intuitive Consultant – giving personal readings for individuals and businesses worldwide. His passion is to inspire people to find the best within themselves and to realize their true life potential. Starkes currently lives in California and presents his work worldwide. Along with teaching "personal mastery", he is a film and television writer. Jaison’s new book, “Quotes from the Soul” is co-authored with Claudia Chittim. When published, it will be available from Amazon.
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