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Conversations Matter – Let’s Talk
shimJuanita Brown & Tom Hurley

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Conversations do matter – to you, to everyone, and to our current global concerns. The basic principles of effective conversations involve deep, respectful listening, avoiding blame and judgment, and staying true to yourself and your values – even in difficult circumstances. Hear useful ways to engage, heal, and inspire! Our conversation includes

  • how all situations can benefit from conscious, intentional conversations
  • conversation guidelines to enhance relationships and one’s personal life
  • what fragmented attention can do to sabotage a conversation
  • the importance of asking good questions and managing expectations
  • whether you feel prepared to initiate & explore sensitive subjects
  • why learning to have “conversations that matter” offers rich rewards
Featured Guests
Juanita Brown
Juanita Brown was a noted community organizer with César Chávez early in
her career. She then became a thinking/design partner to major organizations,
and her work involves leaders from around the globe. Juanita co-founded The World Café movement with David Isaacs. They co-authored – along with the
World Café Community – the best selling book, The World Café: Shaping Our Futures Through Conversations That Matter, which is now translated and
available in many languages worldwide.
Tom Hurley
Tom Hurley is founder and principal in his own firm: Thomas J. Hurley and Associates, and Regional Vice Chair USA/Canada for Oxford Leadership Academy, a global consulting and leadership development company, whose purpose is developing leaders to transform business for the greater good. Tom previously served as Managing Director for the Chaordic Alliance, partnering with VISA founder, Dee Hock, and he was member of the senior leadership team for the Institute of Noetic Sciences.
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