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The Election Imperative: Every Vote Must Count
shimshimFeatured Guest: Dorothy Fadiman
Co-host Barry Kendall

The Election Protection Hotline – 866-Our-Vote (866-687-8683)

Joan, Dorothy and Barry

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"The right to vote… is the primary right by which other rights are protected." This quote from founding father Thomas Paine underscores why it is so important to vote. Many voters exerize this right during presidential elections, yet do not vote in mid-term elections, often with serious consequences. Our guest, filmmaker and author Dorothy Fadiman, joins us to talk about what she uncovered while making her explosive film STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote and why it is so crucial that every voter vote, and every vote be counted. In this conversation, you’ll hear:

  • how Dorothy made this in-depth exploration of the 2000 & 2004 elections
  • how the privatization of voting machines has enabled bad actors to steal votes
  • what resources are available to you if your right to vote is being threatened
  • why – and how – exit polls are adjusted "after the fact" to match reported results
  • what action steps to take to ensure fair voting and "vote integrity"
Featured Guest
Dorothy Fadiman Dorothy Fadiman – In addition to STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote, Dorothy has been producing documentaries with a focus on social justice and human rights for over 30 years. Winner of more than 50 major awards, she is Producer/Director of twenty films, including RADIANCE: The Experience of Light; FROM THE BACK ALLEYS to the SUPREME COURT & BEYOND; WHY DO THESE KIDS LOVE SCHOOL? Her latest book is Producing with Passion: Making Films that Change the World.
Barry Kendall Barry Kendall – Executive Director of the Commonweal Institute, Barry is an expert in the use of drama and narrative to bring people to a new understanding of themselves and the world. Through Commonweal, he applies these skills to build support for the kinds of values and ideas that will create a better society. Kendall has a Masters degree in religion from Yale, and a PhD in drama from Stanford.
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