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Giving for the Holidays

shimshimTex Dworkin & Priya Haji

Priya Haji, Joan Kenley, and Tex Dworkin

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During the Christmas holidays, it’s good to contemplate the meaning of gifts and giving. It's been said that “Giving liberates the soul of the giver.” And we agree! Shopping for gifts – at Christmas time and all year round – can be an expression of your beliefs or philosophy. Our guests – both pioneers in fair trade and socially responsible shopping – have created shopping venues for products that are better for the environment from companies that pay fair wages. We have also included links to a variety of free mobile apps for locating fair trade, socially responsible gifts. In this program you’ll hear about:

  • environmentally friendly gifts and where to get them
  • charitable giving, at Christmas or anytime, to help those in need
  • what "fair trade" products are and how you can shop for them
  • what it means to vote with your gift dollars all year
  • websites you need to know about – see our list below
Featured Guests
Tex Dworkin Tex Dworkin is an independent Fair Trade Consultant and former Director of Social Media for Global Exchange. She actively participates in the Fair Trade movement, promoting the philosophy that shopping can change the world. Tex runs Do Good Biz, providing content and marketing support to socially responsible businesses and organizations. Believing in the power of business enterprise as a tool for social change, her work in Fair Trade, e-commerce, and cause-based marketing continues to inspire the growing socially responsible business movement.,
Priya Haji Priya Haji was CEO and co-founder of World of Good – offering ethically sourced gifts, housewares, and accessories. She built the concept while completing her MBA at UC Berkeley, leading the company to its current success with e-Bay and focusing on using the engine of enterprise to create social impact. Priya also served as the Board Chair for their non-profit sister entity, the World of Good Development Organization and also co-founded SaveUp. Sadly, Priya recently passed away, but her legacy lives through her successful and pioneering work in the fair trade arena.,
Recommended Resources

Websites & Mobile Apps

Fair Trade Finder App

GoodGuide App

Ethical Bean Coffee App

Choco-locate iPhone App

Free 2 Work Apparel Industry Ratings App

Made in a Free World App

National Green Pages App

Charity Navigator

World Vision – Sponsor a Child this Christmas

Co-Op America


Fair Trade Federation

Green Gift Giving Guide

International Fair trade Association

Ten Thousand Villages

Fair Trade USA

Global Exchange

World of Good eBay

Words to 'Google'

Fair Trade
Wage Calculator

Remembering Priya Haji

Remembering Priya Haji: "The Best Social Entrepreneur Of Our Generation"

Priya Haji Memorial Page on Facebook

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