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Whether buying, staying, or selling, investing in your home has mental, emotional, physical, and financial components. Fine home experts – Judith Glass and Sheila Sabine – have distinguished themselves by making their own brand of home-staging a marketing specialty. They join us to talk about how they assist their clients in appreciating, buying, and selling homes, and how you can apply green and creative principles in making your home a place of energy, inspiration, and beauty. It’s been said, “Home is where the heart is.” Taking that idea one step further: Why not put your heart into your home? On the program, you’ll hear about:

  • ways to make your home an even smarter investment
  • the many advantages of considering design psychology & Feng Shui
  • how a cluttered home or work space can negatively impact your life
  • why “green” building and environmental re-modeling are so important
  • expert details and suggestions that make homes more attractive for buyers
  • why sellers who stage their homes have a big advantage in the marketplace
Featured Guests
Judith Glass Judith Glass has an impressive history in design and sales. Her MBA is in marketing, and she is a member of the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association. Judith was the owner and founder of The Fashion Connection – an image consulting firm in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and The New Moon – a specialty clothing store in Oakland, California. • 510-326-7929
Sheila Sabine Sheila Sabine has extensive experience in property management, renovation, design, building and residential sales, and serves as an Interior Design Trainer for new agents. Sheila has published numerous articles in the San Francisco Chronicle, Northern California Homes and Gardens, and San Francisco Magazine. • 510-326-5055
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Basic Principles of Green Design – Definitions

Low-Impact Materials. Non-toxic, sustainably produced or recycled materials which require little energy to process

Energy Efficiency. Manufacturing processes and produce products that require less energy

Quality and Durability. Longer-lasting and better-functioning products will have to be replaced less frequently, reducing the impacts of producing replacements

Design for Reuse and Recycling. Products, processes, and systems designed for performance in a commercial 'afterlife'

Biomimicry. Redesigning industrial systems on biological lines; enabling the constant reuse of materials in continuous closed cycles

Service Substitution. Shifting the mode of consumption from personal ownership of products to provision of services which provide similar functions, e.g., from a private automobile to a car sharing service

Standardization and Modularity. standard, modular parts allow products to be repaired rather than replaced and promote interoperability so that systems can be upgraded incrementally rather than wholly scrapped and replaced

Source: Sustainability/Green Design

'Green' Resources Mentioned on the Program

Green House Cleaning
Robin Burns: 510-409-8885

Indian Rock Construction (Contractor)
Craig Reece: 510-841-3607

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