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Hoping for the 2015 Summer of Peace
shimshimDorothy Maver & Matt Albracht

Dot Maver, Joan Kenley, and Matt Albracht

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"Partnerships for Peace – Dignity for All" – This year's theme for the UN International Day of Peace highlights the importance of silencing the guns of war and advancing the cause of peace. In the lead up to the International Day of Peace, and the Shift Network's Summer of Peace free online event, we present our radio interview with peacebuilders Dot Maver and Matt Albracht. Our show focuses on how to speak the language of peace and spread the word about this important and exciting initiative. Learn how “applied peace building” is a new and powerful science, and how we can use specific methods to bring about peace. We also want to acknowledge Avon Mattison and Joanie Misrack Ciardelli – co-founders of Pathways to Peace – for their many contributions toward the goal of worldwide peace. You’ll hear about:

  • what it could mean to our country to have a Department of Peace
  • how to get involved in the Summer of Peace Initiative
  • why thinking of peace in technicolor makes it more powerful & active
  • what the politics of peace encompass & how to navigate them
  • why it's critical to transform angry activism into compassionate activism

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Featured Guests
Dorothy Maver Dorothy Maver is an educator and peacebuilder whose keynote is inspiring cooperation on behalf of the common good. Dot is Project Director with Kosmos Associates, a Founding Trustee of the National Peace Academy USA, and is a founder and board member of the Global Alliance for Ministries and Infrastructures of Peace, and the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding. From 2005 – 2007 Dot served as Executive Director of The Peace Alliance and Campaign for a US Department of Peace, and prior to that she was the National Campaign Manager for Kucinich for President 2004. Dot also serves on the United Nations International Day of Peace NGO Education Peace Team and the International Cities of Peace Advisory Council.
Matthew Albrecht Matthew Albracht has worked with The Peace Alliance since its founding in 2004 as Managing Director, Executive Director and now Executive Vice President and Director of Programs & Communications. He has a B.A. in psychology from Sonoma State University in California, focusing on Ecopsychology.  He also has an M.A. in Humanities and Leadership with a focus on Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Community from New College of California. Prior to The Peace Alliance, Matthew was Managing Director of the Global Renaissance Alliance, and worked on numerous campaigns to help create a more just and sustainable world. He is currently a Huffington Post blogger and author of the book Living Out Loud! Young Adults, Finding our Purpose, Shaping a Better World.
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Pathways to Peace

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