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What On Earth Are We Eating?
shimshimJanet Griggs & Dave Stockdale

Janet Griggs, Joan Kenley, and Dave Stockdale

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Food, recipes, cooking – the wonderful world of eating! But do we really know what we are eating? The recent discovery of the Earth-like planet – Kepler-452b – reminds us of Earth’s unique characteristics, specifically Earth’s ability to sustain life. Earth’s bounty – good, wholesome, healthful food – is readily available. Yet, many of us still choose processed food over fresh food. Buying healthy food to cook and eat is easier and less expensive that you might think. Food preservatives and additives – as well as genetically altered crops – fill our stores and our stomachs. With that in mind, we can make better food choices. Learn where our food comes from, and how to buy or eat more locally grown food. Our guests share their commitment to educating consumers, and discuss ways to explore your best food choices. You’ll hear about:

  • how eating locally grown food can have a positive impact world wide
  • the benefits of learning how to cook when combined with conscious consumerism
  • why embracing your cherished family recipes may positively surprise you
  • how to be knowledgeable about mass corn and soy production
  • subscribing to near-by CSAs – community-supported agriculture services
Featured Guests
Janet Griggs Janet Griggs, former 6-term President of CUESA’s Board of Directors, is currently co-owner and CFO of Taste Catering and Event Planning. Janet and her business partner, MeMe Pederson, partnered with celebrity pastry chef, Yigit Pura, to found Tout Sweet Patisserie, with plans for expansion. Janet serves on the board of SF Travel and is a past president of the SF chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier, an invitation only professional women’s group for the food, wine and hospitality industries.
Dave Stockdale Dave Stockdale, is currently Director of the Water & Environmental Center at Walla Walla Community College. The Center offers degrees in 3 water-management related disciplines, and serves as the host institution for 5 other collaborating agencies and organizations. Most recently he was Executive Director of the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture in San Francisco, a nonprofit whose mission was to develop and support family farms and educate consumers about sustainable food choices.
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