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The News Media: Where’s the Truth?
shimNorman Solomon & Peter B. Collins

– Rebroadcast by Popular Demand –

Norman Solomon, Joan Kenley, Peter B. Collins

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Opinionated news pundits – and an onslaught of celebrity or person-of-the-moment headlines – continue to dominate our 24-hour news media cycle. Donald Trump sends out a tweet, and it dominates the news. Do we live in a false reality because of distorted information? How do our reactions to the news impact our lives – personally and collectively – from politics to climate change? Not afraid to challenge the news media with their brand of “truth telling”, Peter B. Collins and Norman Solomon share their wisdom on how to best navigate through the noise. You’ll hear:

  • how news headlines are shaped by the media, government, and corporations
  • the ways we are influenced by “dis-info-tainment” that passes for news
  • inside stories that may challenge opinions you form based on news reports
  • sources you can count on for accurate news reporting
Featured Guests
Norman Solomon Norman Solomon is author of a dozen books – including, “War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death”. As a nationally syndicated columnist on media and politics from 1992–2009, he has been featured in the NY Times, Washington Post, USA Today, LA Times, Huffington Post and A recipient of the esteemed George Orwell award, Solomon founded the Institute for Public Accuracy in 1997, where he was Executive Director until 2010 and is currently IPA’s President. He co-founded RootsAction, a nonprofit, progressive, public policy advocacy group.
Peter B. Collins Peter B. Collins currently podcasts a program called News and Politics from the Left Coast, interviewing political leaders, journalists, and authors. Part owner of the progressive talk station KRXA in Monterey, he also operates Collins Media Services, offering consulting services and development of radio programs. From 2005 to 2009, he hosted the Peter B. Collins Show – a syndicated radio commentary and call-in program. In his late teens, during the Watergate years, he was a nightly on-air personality and talk show host at Chicago’s ABC FM affiliate, and his broadcast was rated number one.
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