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The Joan Kenley Show


The Joan Kenley Show delves more deeply into the subjects it explores than most media, creating valuable conversations about important issues. This is the kind of program I want to hear more of.

Joan Blades

Participating in Joan’s program, “Gather the Women Save the World”, gave me an opportunity to be in open conversation about a subject that is socially relevant and critical for our times. This topic is very close to my heart and it was a pleasure to be included in this group of passionate and inspiring women.

Isabel Allende
Internationally Published Author

The Joan Kenley Show is a program with soul. As a guest, I was able to explain new ideas and beautiful possibilities that would never be aired on the mainstream media. It is a comfort to know somebody cares enough to produce such a thoughtful series.

Jonathan Young, PhD
Psychologist, Curator of Joseph Campbell Archives

Joan asks all the right questions, sympathetic but probing, designed to draw one into realms of thought one may never have really explored, and which may suddenly shed new light on one’s personal experience as an artist. Joan is a treasure.

Laurence Rosenthal
Award Winning Film and Television Composer

I think Joan Kenley is one of the most informed program hosts on the air today. The hour we spent talking politics went by much too fast. Joan's questions were thought provoking and challenging. In addition there was a bonus - we had a great time!

Belva Davis
KQED TV Political Host, This Week in California

Joan Kenley's program was a pleasure to do with Isabel Allende and Justine Toms.
It was a lively, stimulating, and inspiring conversation. This is a format that women especially take to – much like television’s ‘The View’, except that Joan covers a subject in more depth. The result is radio at its best.

Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD
Psychiatrist, Internationally Known Author

The Joan Kenley Show is a wonderful example of extending the medium of radio to create "conversations that matter" with whole new audiences.  As a guest, it was exciting to part of such a warm, inviting experience.

Juanita Brown
Co-Founder, The World Cafe

I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a guest on The Joan Kenley Show. It was wonderful to participate in a round table discussion on quality pet care with fellow professionals. During the recording session, I was surprised how much I learned about even more aspects of pet care from the other experts on the program.

Jenny Taylor, DVM
Founder, Creature Comfort Holistic Center

Taking part in The Joan Kenley Show was a wonderful experience. Joan Kenley and her professional, dedicated staff were a pleasure to work with. I'm proud to know there are radio programs like this, willing to address socially conscious giving and buying, as well as other topics that serve to educate listeners about important issues often under-represented in mainstream media.

Tex Dworkin
Online Store Manager, Global Exchange

How great it is to have a radio program that inspires listeners to explore new ideas. Joan has the unique ability to evoke trust and humanity from her guests. I count the moments spent listening to The Joan Kenley Show as a valuable part of my week.

Justine Toms
Co-Founder, New Dimensions Broadcasting

Being a guest on the Joan Kenley Show was a great opportunity. The show was produced impeccably with a clear flow of thought. I received many positive comments.

Anna Wassermann-Hartman
Public Relations Manager, Numi Organic Tea

Joan was exceedingly well prepared, peppering me with informed questions and genuine interest in my life and the subject of coffee. I felt like I was sitting at home with an old friend – who leaned forward, eager to hear about my latest adventures.

Orrel Judith Lanter
Co-Founder, Uncommon Grounds Coffee

Pathways to Peace

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