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The Joan Kenley Show

Joan Kenley — Host and Executive Producer
Dr. Joan Kenley has gained wide recognition for her multi-faceted accomplishments. She’s a renowned psychologist, voice specialist, and author of two notable books: Voice Power, and Whose Body Is It Anyway? Joan has recorded many high-profile international voice mail, digitized phone systems, and has played “The Telephone Lady” on The Simpsons.

Dr. Kenley has appeared on high profile television programs: ABC’s 20/20, CNN, Dateline, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and Good Morning America, as well as countless radio shows. She has been featured in many local and national newspapers and major magazines: The New York Sunday Times Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Health, Allure, Cosmo, Wired, and Fortune.

Jean Langmuir — Special Projects Consultant
Jean Langmuir was a Branch Manager and most recently, in charge of Art/Music/History/Literature at Oakland’s Main Library. She brings skills in management, supervision, research, and program planning, as well as musical expertise. As an information and referral resource specialist, she has access to a large network of professionals, business owners, colleagues and friends.

The Advisory Team

Avon Mattison – President of the non-profit organization for The Show
Avon Mattison is Co-Founder and President of Pathways To Peace (PTP) – an international peacebuilding, educational and consulting organization. The Joan Kenley Show is a Special Project of PTP. Avon has been instrumental in the establishment and annual observance of the global International Day of Peace. Pathways to Peace is an official Peace Messenger of the United Nations and is also associated with the Culture of Peace Initiative and the Institute for Peacebuilding.

Peter B. Collins – Executive Radio Consultant
Peter B. Collins is a well-known broadcaster, voice-over talent, entrepreneur, and media consultant with Collins Media Services, based in San Francisco. He has hosted a variety of radio programs, including shows on ABC's KGO-AM, CBS-owned KRQR, KNBR, and KSFO. He currently hosts The Peter B. Collins Show, a progressive talk radio program that airs daily on many West Coast stations.

Christie Rothenberg Healey – Partner, Business and Development
For the past ten years, Christie Healey has served as an independent business advisor to entertainment industry clients, including The Independent Television Service, Audubon Productions, Jim Henson Associates, Viacom and Miramax She has also consulted on a wide range of services with individual producers, writers, and filmmakers. She currently serves as an Entertainment Specialist for the law firm of Lommen, Abdo, Cole, King & Stageberg in Minneapolis.

Brenda Wade, PhD – Media Specialist
Dr. Brenda Wade's expertise incorporates a wide array of professional success as author, psychologist, television host, producer, talk show guest, keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. Her recent book is Power Choices: Signposts on Your Journey to Wholeness, Love, Joy, and Peace. Dr. Wade has appeared as a guest expert on such popular, national daytime talk programs as: Oprah, Good Morning America, and Today. She founded Heartland Productions, Inc. to produce quality media programs that focus on transforming lives.

Alain Gauthier – Partner, Business Advisor
Alain Gauthier’s consulting and facilitating experience is concentrated in the areas of partnership, strategic management, leadership and team development. He has an MBA from Stanford University and has served a large variety of client organizations in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, and the United States. He first worked as an associate of McKinsey & Company in Europe and is currently Executive Director of Core Leadership Development in Oakland, CA.

Anne Dosher, PhD – Senior Consultant
Anne Dosher is a guide and mentor for The World Café initiative and other related dialogue initiatives around the globe. One of the developers of the National Network for Youth, she received the California Woman-in-Government Award from the Legislative Assembly in recognition of her many years of public service. As an academic, social practitioner – she focused on the creation of community within government, business and industry, and the independent sector. She serves as elder to the International Women’s Dialogue and The Ashland Institute.


Pathways to Peace
Pathways to Peace

The Joan Kenley Show is a 501(c)(3) project of Pathways to Peace