Joan is one today’s leading voice actors. You are probably familiar with her work without even knowing it. Her work in broadcasting and talent as a voiceover actor has led her to become known around the globe for her “warm, friendly voice.”

Her recognizable voicemail and digitized phone services include:

Nortel’s Meridian Mail
Pacific Bell Message Center
Verizon Information Services
Sprint Spectrum PCS
National SemiConductor’s talking cash registers, cars, elevators, etc.
And many others
Joan’s can also be heard on numerous commercials:

Bank of America
I. Magnum
Bloomingdales PCS
And many others
As a result of her ubiquitous voice, Joan was cast as the Celebrity voice on three episodes of The Simpsons, playing “The Telephone Lady.”

The Simpsons

Season 9, Episode 179
The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson (1997)
Voice of Phone Voice
Season 7, Episode 135
King-Size Homer (1995)
Voice of Woman on Phone
Season 7, Episode 131
Home Sweet Home-Dum-Diddly Doodly (1995)
Voice of Woman on Phone