After the touching speech of Greta Thunberg, the world is experiencing a renewed interest in sustainable energy. Clean power sources are trending, and more and more companies are getting involved in the field.

If you work in the renewable energy sector, you know that progress is not possible without talented specialists. Renewable energy recruitment is the cornerstone of a successful company producing clean energy. If your human resources manager or recruiting agency is looking for a specialist in the field, read on to find useful tips. 

Renewable Energy Recruitment Statistics

According to Glassdoor, the industry is in transition. There is no evidence of a renewable energy recruitment boom today. On the contrary, the solar energy field is cutting jobs.

It does not mean that the industry is fading away; it is only adapting to the current trends. The energy transition outlook predicts that solar energy will grow by 6,500% by 2050. 

While the unemployment rate in the field is relatively high, get your hands on the best specialists. Soon enough there could be a lack of talented engineers. 

Network with Bright Students

Young people all over the globe are concerned about gas emissions and air pollution. More and more students are choosing to dedicate their lives to saving our planet. Not only college students work towards a better world; teenagers are also involved in inventing new systems and tools.

If you are after top talent, consider networking with students who show interest in the field of renewable energy. Their ambitions and passion are something that every renewable company needs.

Identify Necessary Skills

Required skills and education depend on the role you are trying to fill. Chemical engineers, electrical engineers, industrial engineers, mechanical engineers, and even computer software developers could be involved in the renewable energy field. 

If your firm or staffing agency is looking into renewable energy recruitment, you need to know what skills and experience your ideal hire must have. This information will help you find the right candidate prepared for the role.

Look for Specialists Worldwide

Finding the best engineers is always tough, and any niche recruitment firm knows about it. If the hiring process has come to a standstill, reach out to international staffing firms. They might have a greater talent pool for you to choose from.

Your ideal candidate can live on the other continent, and you need to explore this opportunity. Sometimes finding the best employee takes extra time. 

Reach Out to a Staffing Company

Renewable energy recruitment could be time-consuming as the industry requires a certain level of education and experience. If finding the perfect hire takes too long, consider finding the local renewable energy hiring specialist.

With help from an experienced team, you will facilitate the hiring process and save a lot of time. With a deep understanding of the industry’s mechanisms and a wide professional network, specialists from a recruiting firm will make renewable energy recruitment easy for you.